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S.O.S. Straight Outta Situationships

That's right...if you've put up a SOS signal that has been unheard, this box is for you. If you're tired of being caught in a situationship and you want more...I'm here to walk you through guided steps to getting what you want.

Get ready to take control of your situation to discover if this is the right relationship and person for you.

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For this adventure...guess. which countries you'll be touring?

Couples need to "feel" loved and connected to one another. It is intentional but connected time away that makes the difference. That’s where I can help. It's as simple as a curated date night experience designed to discover new things about each other or to rekindle a side of your relationship that may have been dormant.

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I'm truly enjoying myself. This is such a blessing. Keep doing what you're doing sis, I've dared myself, triple dared myself, I absolutely love it. This blesses me daily.


I'll admit, it's work. And I'm really busy with my job, but I love learning about myself. I love the themed gifts. I use my journal to keep all my nEXt Box thoughts and revelations together.


I'm really interested in healing from my childhood. I know how that effects my current relationship and this lets me go at my own pace. And l love the personalized letter.